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These entries document the stories of the men, women and children who lived at River Portal, Montrose County, Colorado while working on the Gunnison Diversion Tunnel - a historic pioneering project that celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2009.

Please read from the first entry forwards as I tend to have my own writing style that's more like reading a book than an entry that can be read individually. Reading the posts separate from each other doesn't really convey the story properly. :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Household #6 - Allen B. Comstock

1900 Federal Census; Colorado; Ouray County;
Ridgeway Precinct; E.D. 84; June 18; 194/197; DCH

Comstock, Alfred M. Head W M Oct 1859 40 M20
                                                 Indiana Indiana Indiana
                 , Charlotte E. Wife W F Oct 1861 38 M20 3/3
                                                Utah Canada England
                 , Lester C. Son W M Oct 1880 19 S
                                                Colorado Indiana Utah
                                                               Coal Illegible
                 , Allen E. (sic) Son W M July 1883 16 S
                                                Colorado Indiana Utah
                 , Frank A. Son W M Aug 1886 13 S
                                                Colorado Indiana Utah
1910 Federal Census; Colorado; Montrose County;
Precinct 17; River Portal; E.D. 111; April 27; 6/6; DCH

Comstock, Allan B. Head M W 26 M1 0
                                              Colorado Indiana United States
                                                               Motorman Tunnel
                , Hazel B. Wife F W 18 M1 0 0/0
                                              Colorado Tennessee North Carolina
1920 Federal Census; Colorado; San Miguel County;
Precinct 7; Placerville; E.D. 160; January 31; 53/53; DCH

Comstock, Allen Head M W 35 M
                                         Colorado Tennessee Colorado
                                                         Mechanic Vanadium Mine
                , Hazel B. Wife F W 26 M
                                         Colorado Colorado North Carolina
                , Alferd J. Son M W 9 S
                                         Colorado Colorado Colorado
                , Lester A. Son M W 6 S
                                         Colorado Colorado Colorado
                , Zelda M. Daughter F W 3 2/12
                                         Colorado Colorado Colorado
                , Billy Son M W 3/12 S
                                         Colorado Colorado Colorado
World War I Draft Registration Card Info:

Serial Number: 562
Name: Allen B. Comstock
Permanent Home Address: 430 So. 1. Montrose, Montrose, Colo
Age in Years: 35
Date of Birth: July 12, 1883
Native Born Citizen
Present Occupation: Blacksmith Helper
Employer's Name: U.S.R.S.
Place of Employment or Business: Government Bldg Montrose, Colo
Nearest Relative: Hazel Bessie Comstock (wife)
430 So. 1 Montrose, Colo
Height: Medium
Build: Medium
Color of Eyes: Brown
Color of Hair: Dark
12 Sept 1918
Signed: Allen B. Comstock

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