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These entries document the stories of the men, women and children who lived at River Portal, Montrose County, Colorado while working on the Gunnison Diversion Tunnel - a historic pioneering project that celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2009.

Please read from the first entry forwards as I tend to have my own writing style that's more like reading a book than an entry that can be read individually. Reading the posts separate from each other doesn't really convey the story properly. :)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Household # 17 - John Mason

I hope you all enjoyed looking at the National Park brochure with my great grandfather's picture on it.  Thank you for letting me share it with you.  It's very special to me.

Something else that's very special to me is household # 17 in River Portal.  We've now arrived at the household of my Mason family.  In the family are my great grandparents and my grandfather and his siblings.  Since this family is the one I know best of the River Portal families it's obviously the one I have the most information on.  I'm sharing a lot more therefore on this particular household.  I hope that someday much more information can be shared on the other households as well if others find connections and share their info to help fill in the pieces.  My great grandparents had quite a few children so I think tomorrow for Surname Saturday there are going to be many more surnames to post. 

I've already told you much about my family.  I shared that there were three John Mason men in my direct line who all had significant situations involving rivers.  One was lucky.  That one was my great grandfather.  The younger John Mason listed in this information was my grandfather.  He was not so lucky with the river that he was affected by.  The older John Mason helped to tame a river.  The younger John Mason was taken by a river - as was his son - my daddy John Mason.  And we sit here on the riverbank with two more John Mason guys - my first cousin John Mason who was named after my daddy and his son John Mason, Jr.  It's a noble name with a great heritage! 

Ellis Island Passenger Record:

Name: Mason, John
Ethnicity: British, Irish
Place of Residence: Down
Date of Arrival: 16 Oct 1905
Age on Arrival: 25 y
Gender: M
Marital Status: M
Ship of Travel: Caledonia
Port of Departure: Londonderry, Ulster, Ireland, UK
Date of Departure: October 3 or 7 (?), 1905
Going to visit "Cousin John Callaghan - 194 North Union Avenue
Pueblo, Colorado"
Ship Passenger Record:

S.S. Haverford
Sailing From Liverpool April 15, 1906
Arriving at Port of Philadelphia April 25, 1906
Annie Mason
28 Years Old
Read and Write English - Yes
Nationality: Ireland
Race or People: Irish
Last Residence: Leitrim / Kilkeel
Final Destination: Pueblo, Col.
Having Ticket to Final Destination - Yes
By Whom Was Passage Paid? Husband
In Possession of $15
Whether Ever Before in the United States - No
Whether Going to Join a Relative or Friend; and if so, What Relative or Friend, and His Name and Complete Address:
Husband Jno Mason
194 North Union Ave.
Pueblo, Col
Notations: 10 mos. Steel Worker, Last Letter 3 Wks Ago

Mason, John
1 Year Old
1910 Federal Census; Colorado; Montrose County;
Precinct # 17; River Portal; E.D. 111; April 27; 17/17; DCH

Mason, John G. Head M W 30 M1 8
                                       Ire-English Ire-English Ire-English 1905 Pa
                                                     Driller, Tunnel
           , Anna Wife F W 30 M1 8 4/4
                                      Ire-English Ire-English Ire-English 1906
           , John J. Son M W 5 S
                                      Ire-English Ire-English Ire-English 1906
           , Theresa B. Daughter F W 3 S
                                     Colorado Ire-English Ire-English
           , James L. Son M W 1 3/12 S
                                     Colorado Ire-English Ire-English
           , Daniel A. Son M W 2/12 S
                                     Colorado Ire-English Ire-English
1920 Federal Census; Idaho; Adams County;
Indian Valley Precinct; E.D. 5;65/66; January 14; DCH

Mason, John Head M W 41 M 1905 Na 1916
                                    Ireland Ireland Ireland
                                                  Farmer Gen farm
           , Phillips Wife F W 42 M 1905 Na 1916
                                    Ireland Ireland Ireland
           , John J. Son M W 15 S 1905 Na
                                    Ireland Ireland Ireland
           , Teresa Daughter F W 11 S
                                   Colorado Ireland Ireland
           , James Son M W 9 S
                                   Colorado Ireland Ireland
           , Mary Daughter F W 7 S
                                   Utah Ireland Ireland
           , Thomas Son M W 5 S
                                   Idaho Ireland Ireland
           , Ina Daughter F W 3 S
                                   Idaho Ireland Ireland
1930 Federal Census; Idaho; Washington County;
Cambridge Pct; E.D. 44-18; 10 April; 145/146; DCH

Mason, John Head M W 52 M 21
                                  N. Ireland N. Ireland N. Ireland 1907 Na
           , Anna E. Wife 53 M 24
                                  N. Ireland N. Ireland N. Ireland 1907 Na
           , James Son M W 21 S
                                  Colorado N. Ireland N. Ireland
                                                    Farm Laborer
           , Mary Daughter F W 17 S
                                 Utah N. Ireland N. Ireland
           , Thomas Son M W 15 S
                                 Idaho N. Ireland N. Ireland
           , Anna Daughter F W 13 S
                                 Idaho N. Ireland N. Ireland
           , Michael Son M W 9 S
                                 Idaho N. Ireland N. Ireland
World War 1 Draft Card Info:

Serial Number 1147
Order Number A275
Name: John Mason
Address: Cambridge, ID
Born: Jan 9, 1879
Naturalized Citizen
Present Occupation: Farming, Self Employed
Nearest Relative: Anna Mason
Cambridge 7yr ID
Signed: John Mason
Height: Medium
Build: Medium
Color Eyes: Gray
Color Hair:Dark
Date of Registration: 12 September 1918
The Upper Country News-Reporter
Cambridge, Idaho
Thursday, Oct.29, 1931
Page 1, Column 3

"Valley View Man Summoned By Death

Cambridge- John Mason, a well known resident of the Valley View section, passed away suddenly at his home last Thursday evening. For a number of years he had suffered with tuberculosis which confined him to his home most of the time. However he seemed to be his usual health Thursday and partook of his regular meals. At about 6;30 p.m. after eating his supper, he went out on the porch of his home when he was overcome with a hemorrhage. A doctor was called but before he arrived Mr. Mason had passed away.

Funeral services were held from the Catholic church here on Monday morning at ten o`clock, Rev. Father Veit fo Weiser saying requim mass. Music for the services was provided by Mrs. Lawrence Clure who sang the vocal numbers with Mrs. Jack Keithly at the organ. The church was filled with sorrowing friends who mourned the passing of a respected citizen. Interment was made in the local cemetery.

The deceased was born in Belfast, Ireland, on Jan. 9, 1879. He grew up there and in 1901 was united in marriage with Miss Annie Phillips. In 1906 the family came to America and settled in Colorado where they lived until 1913 when they came to this community and have since made it their home. Surviving him is his wife and seven children. The sons are John, James, Thomas and Michael. The daughters are Mrs. Teresa Collins of Amarillo, Texas, and Anna and Mary who live here.

Mr. Mason was of a quiet disposition although blessed with a ready wit peculiar to his nationality. He had the faculty of making lasting friends and was respected by everyone. He was a considerate husband and an indulgent father who will be greatly missed by his family which has the sympathy of the entire community."
The Upper Country News-Reporter
Thursday, Dec. 7, 1944
Col.6 Page 1



Mrs. Anna Mason passed away at the home of her daughter, Mrs. John Higgins at 11;15 a.m. Wednesday after a lingering illness. Funeral services will be held at the Cambridge Catholic church Saturday morning.

The children of Mrs. Anna Mason were all called to her bedside during the weekend.

John Mason arrived Saturday night from Portland, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mason and sons arrived Sunday from John Day, Ore. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Mason came Sunday from New Meadows. Mrs. Theresa Collins and daughter came from Portland last summer to assist her sister, Mrs. John Higgins with the care of Mrs. Mason. Mrs. Roy Blakely and James Mason, the other two members of the family, make their home here. All the family visited Mrs. Mason Sunday.

An obituary will be published next week."

Cambridge, Idaho
Thursday, Dec. 14, 1944
Page 1, Col. 6


Funeral sevices were held at the Catholic church in Cambridge Saturday forenoon at 10:30 for Mrs. Anna Mason, 67, who died Wednesday, Dec. 6 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. John Higgins.

Mrs. Mason was born in Ireland and came to the United States 38 years ago.  She lived in Colorado for six years, then coming to Idaho where she lived continously. Her husband, John Mason, preceded her in death in 1931.

Mrs. Mason is survived by her seven children: John of Portland, Michael of Dayville, Oregon; Thomas of New Meadows; Mrs. Theresa Collins, Mrs. Mary Blakely, Mrs. Anna Higgins and James Mason of Cambridge, 10 grand children, six sisters, Mrs. Fred Tony, Cambridge; Mrs. Sam Muir, Calif.; Mrs. James Muir and Mrs. Harry Sutero, Colo.; Mrs. Dora Murphy and Alice Phillips in Ireland; four brothers, Lawrence and John Phillips, in Ireland. James of Sheffield, England and Dan of Denver, Colo.

The body was intered in the Cambridge cemetery beside that of her husband."
YEAR: 1931
DATE OF DEATH: 10/22/1931
DATE OF BIRTH: 01/09/1879
Buried Cambridge-Salubria Cemetery
Cambridge, Washington County, Idaho

Mason, Anna 1877 1944 CAM 40 1 ST

Mason, John Jan 9,1879 Oct. 22, 1931 CAM 40 2 ST OB

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